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How To Make Your Pool Healthier, Safe, Greener... And Save $'100's Every Summer?

How Sensible Pool Owners are TAKING BACK THEIR POOLS...

Sadly, Outdated and Toxic Salt/Chlorine Treatment Systems can quickly drain the joy right out of your pool.

But Now... Advanced, NASA TECHNOLOGY FREES You to Enjoy Your Pool The Way You Always Wanted...

Bioniser Pool Purifiers eliminate all the hassles of old school salt chlorinators and chlorine systems with Silver and Copper Ionisation plus "Set-it-and-Forget-it" Digital Controls...

Get the Benefits, Prices, Special Bonus's and also an Interest Free Plan...
  • The Price of the Bioniser to Suit your Pool
  • A Chart showing Just Where You Will Make the Savings $'s
  • PLUS You will receive several emails that address your chief concerns and show you how Bioniser will save you a fortune in Chemical and Power costs whilst preserving the health of you and your family.


“Anyone who swims in a Bioniser pool will never want to get in a chlorinated pool ever again - period. It astounds me how many people mistakenly believe that a salt water pool is terrific because it doesn’t use chlorine. The taste and feel of an ionised pool is what makes it great. There is no taste, no smell, and it feels soft. For 9 months of the year I swim every day and I used to get itchy dry skin when my pool was chlorinated. For the past 18 months in a Bioniser pool I have never had any skin irritation from daily swimming.

With Bioniser, Eco Oxidiser, and PH Boss I have very little maintenance. Topping up the acid drum weekly and maybe once every two months adding a little Ph Buffer to the water.

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The King of Thailand has been here and this place has had a Bioniser and pH unit for over 3 years and they are 150 miles from nearest pool shop in the jungles of Khanom in Thailand.
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